How Star Rating Depends Efficiency of Home Appliances ?

  • How Star Rating Depends Efficiency of Home Appliances ?
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How Star Rating Depends Efficiency of Home Appliances ?

You have an intention to buy a Refrigerator or AC. When you reach into a home appliance shop and tell your salesman that 'I am here to buy a refrigerator.' Salesman will ask you “which brand do you want, sir ?” then his next question will be “which star rating do you want ?”

Then he will give you advice about If you will buy an AC/ Refrigerator with a good star rating, your monthly electricity bill will be less.

What is Star Rating or Energy Rating?

Star or Energy Rating represents the energy efficiency of the appliances. Mostly it's given to AC and fridges. Star rating awarded based on the conditions made by the BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) for customer awareness. Higher the rating its efficient, lower its inefficient.

Star Rating for Refrigerator and AC

Star rating shows energy efficiency of Refrigerator or AC. How much energy a fridge uses per year, this rating allows you to compare its efficiency. You can choose the best fridge. Minimum value is one and maximum is five. 1 star means inefficient fridge that consumes a lot of energy, 5 Star represents a higher efficiency fridge with less electricity. Saving you money

A higher star rating AC will cool your room in the most efficient manner than lower.

Remember Two major Points

  1. The cooling capacity, Based on British Thermal Units (BTU)

  2. The Energy Efficiency Rating (EER), Amount of cooling proportion to Amount of power

Does Star Rating in refrigerators matter?

Yes!!, Star rating refers to the temperature performance of the freezer. 3&4 star refrigerator can maintain lower temperatures than below 3 star energy rating. There is a misconception that energy efficient appliances are too expensive. However, the purchase price is the first part and it's a one time cost. Second part is more crucial: the running costs.

Star Rating

Electricity Consumption/Year

Electricity Saves %












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